Sen. Lesser, Rep. Ashe Welcome State Grant to East Longmeadow to Prepare for Climate Change

EAST LONGMEADOW — Senator Eric P. Lesser and Representative Brian M. Ashe welcomed the announcement by the Baker Administration on June 19 that East Longmeadow has received a $20,000 grant to plan for and implement climate change resilience projects through the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program.

The program provides communities with technical support, climate change data and planning tools to identify hazards and develop strategies to improve resilience.

“This grant will make our community stronger. It will help prepare our local leaders, our first responders and our public works teams to plan for the negative effects of climate change and ultimately rebuild stronger after events like storms and hurricanes that can cause severe damage,” Sen. Lesser said.

Rep. Ashe remarked, “I am pleased to see East Longmeadow being proactive in its approach to climate change.  Being prepared and planning for the short and long term is essential to keeping a community moving forward and this grant will provide the tools they need to develop the best strategies.”



Eric Lesser