Senator Lesser Votes to Pass Bill Providing Emergency Funding to Women's Healthcare Providers in Response to Trump Cuts

BOSTON — Senator Eric P. Lesser voted with the State Senate on Thursday to allocate up to $8 million in state funds for family planning providers to replace federal funding that will be cut by the Trump administration under a rule change targeting reproductive healthcare providers.

“As the Trump Administration continues its ugly attack on healthcare — including its attempts to gut the Affordable Care Act and, now, to cut health services for low-income women — Massachusetts must step up to protect our residents and keep care in place for those who struggle to afford it,” said Sen. Lesser.

“In February, the Trump administration announced it would no longer direct Title X funding, which supports family planning services for low-income residents, toward any clinic that provides or refers abortion,” according to a report by State House News Service.

Massachusetts is challenging the administration in court, along with 20 other states, but the rule change will go into effect in May if the states fail to block the change.

Massachusetts providers received $6.1 million in federal funds from Title X in 2017, according to the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.

Both the Senate and the House, which voted on the measure on Wednesday, passed the legislation with bipartisan support.


Eric Lesser