Sen. Lesser Shannon Community Safety Grant to Springfield

SPRINGFIELD — Senator Eric P. Lesser applauded the announcement on Monday that Springfield has been awarded another Shannon Community Safety Initiative Grant to assist in its efforts to address youth violence.

The Shannon Community Safety Initiative has shown success in reducing violence through a number of strategies, including social intervention, organizational change and community mobilization. Springfield will be receiving a total of $786,025.70 toward these efforts in fiscal year 2019.

“Springfield continues to be one of the Commonwealth’s success stories as it rebounds from the Great Recession and continues to tackle youth violence. The Shannon Grant is one of the reasons for this success, and it has brought a holistic approach to dealing with public safety that engages the community to create a safer environment,” said Sen. Lesser.

Shannon Grant funds are also used to support research efforts with local partners including universities to aid intervention programs with data collection and analysis. All Shannon Grant funding is awarded through a competitive process overseen by the Justice and Prevention Division.


Eric Lesser