Sen. Lesser Sworn in to Third Term, Pledges Commitment to Working Families

BOSTON — Senator Eric P. Lesser was sworn in to a third term on Wednesday, pledging to continue his commitment to lifting working families and ensuring Western Mass. gets its fair share of state funds.

“It is an honor and privilege to serve as your Senator and I am grateful for the faith you have put it in me,” said Sen. Lesser.

As Senate Chair of the Economic Development Committee over the last two years, Sen. Lesser sponsored the Economic Development Bonding Bill and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Bonding Bill, two major investments in the state’s manufacturing and healthcare workforces to create jobs.

He was also a vocal supporter of the CARE Act, signed into law in August to introduce a number of new measures to fight the opioid epidemic, including expanding the Narcan bulk purchase program to allow nonprofits to purchase the overdose-reversal drug at a reduced price.

And, recently, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation began a study of East-West Rail service between Boston and Springfield, a priority for Sen. Lesser since he first took office in 2015.

“All signs point to a productive session ahead, with new voices in Western Mass. bringing new attention to our region. It is imperative that we continue to fight for our fair share — meaning jobs for our residents, equal funding for our schools and greater investments in our infrastructure, including East-West Rail,” said Sen. Lesser.