Sen. Lesser Blasts Eversource Electricity Rate Hike Ahead of Winter, Calls on Company to Reverse Course

Eversource is “putting profits over people,” said Sen. Lesser

SPRINGFIELD — Following the announcement by utility company Eversource that it plans to raise electricity rates ahead of winter, Sen. Eric P. Lesser said the company is “putting profits over people” and called on Eversource to reverse the rate hike.

In December 2017, Attorney General Maura Healey appealed Eversource’s proposed rate hike to the Department of Public Utilities on behalf of Massachusetts energy consumers. In January 2018, the company announced it would reduce its planned increase in rates due to the nearly $56 million it received in cost savings from the corporate tax cut signed by President Donald Trump.

Below is Sen. Lesser’s full statement:

“Eversource is showing once again that it is an untrustworthy partner for our state’s energy needs. There is no need for this rate hike when oil prices are at an all-time low and Eversource received a windfall from the Trump Administration’s massive corporate tax cut. Eversource promised us at the beginning of this year that they would pass on the cost savings from that tax break to Massachusetts consumers.

“Eversource is putting profits over people at a time of the year when families are already stretched thin and need heat to survive. Sadly, this is not the first time Eversource has done so. Last year, Attorney General Healey had to appeal a similar attempt by Eversource to raise rates. Luckily for our residents, she was successful. Adding insult to injury, these rate hikes are often disproportionately higher for Western Mass. residents than Eastern Mass. residents — yet another sign of the inequity in our state.

“Rising energy prices that companies claim are tied to fluctuations in fossil fuel supplies are further evidence of the need to develop clean energy sources. I hope the Legislature, the utilities and the Administration can work together to stabilize our energy market by investing in clean, renewable energy that will save consumers on their home heating bills and leave a better, more stable environment for future generations.”