Sen. Lesser, Rep. Goldstein-Rose Welcome "Green Communities" Grants to Belchertown and Granby

BELCHERTOWN — Senator Eric P. Lesser and Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose cheered Friday’s announcement from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) that Belchertown and Granby have received grants for renewable energy projects as designated “Green Communities.” Belchertown received $46,897 and Granby received $248,702 toward these projects.

“Using our energy more efficiently not only saves taxpayer dollars on the Towns’ energy costs, but leaves our communities more sustainable for future generations. The fact that Belchertown and Granby are receiving additional grants after their designation as Green Communities shows that they are keeping to their clean energy commitments and serving as role models for the Commonwealth,” said Sen. Lesser.

“I applaud Granby's efforts to strengthen our communities with clean energy and efficient technology. State funding for these programs allows towns to innovate and expand access to healthy energy systems,” said Rep. Solomon Goldstein-Rose.

Under the Green Communities Act, cities and towns must meet five criteria to be designated a Green Community and receive grants. The grants provide financial support for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that advance the communities’ clean energy goals. This is the seventh annual round of DOER Green Communities grants awarded to existing Green Communities that have successfully invested their initial designation grants and previous grant awards.

The grants fund a range projects from ventilation system upgrades and high efficiency lighting to installation of insulation and energy management systems at municipal buildings and facilities.

All Green Communities commit to reducing municipal energy consumption by 20 percent over five years.

A listing of the awards is below:

BELCHERTOWN — Awarded $46,897

  • $34,631, Family Center—HVAC heat pump system
  • $12,266, Family Center—LED lighting

GRANBY — Awarded $248,702

  • $519, Highway—Plug load controls
  • $403, Old Library— Plug load controls
  • $818, Safety Complex— Plug load controls
  • $543, Senior Center— Plug load controls
  • $8,711, Jr./Sr. High School— Plug load controls
  • $14,330, Safety Complex—Retrocommissioning
  • $3,050, Old Library—Weatherization
  • $16,801, Senior Center—Weatherization
  • $20,675, Highway—Weatherization
  • $11,990, Highway—LED lighting
  • $6,579, Old Library—LED lighting
  • $56,313, Safety Complex—LED lighting
  • $14,105, Senior Center—LED lighting
  • $15,413. Old Library—Air source heat pump
  • $28,798, Safety Complex—Electronically commutated pumps
  • $4,000, Safety Complex—Pipe insulation
  • $22,120, Safety Complex—Demand control ventilation
  • $925, Senior Center—Wireless thermostats
  • $22,609, Town—Administrative costs