Senate Passes Lesser Amendment to Greenlight Repairs to Belchertown Public Schools' Track and Tennis Courts

BOSTON — The Massachusetts State Senate voted on Thursday to authorize $175,000 in bonds to the Belchertown Public Schools for the resurfacing of their track and tennis courts. The measure was proposed by Sen. Eric P. Lesser after discussion with town officials about the community’s needs in environmental and recreational investments. The funding request was added to a Senate bond bill promoting climate change adaptation, environmental and natural resource protection, and investment in recreational assets.

“This bill serves as an opportunity to bring attention to local priorities at the State House, and to say, ‘We need the state’s help on this.’ Belchertown’s track and tennis courts are a valuable public resource, open to members of the public in addition to students. This is a worthy project that will improve the quality of life for our residents, and I hope Governor Baker releases the funds to make it happen,” said Sen. Lesser.

The six tennis courts have not been resurfaced since they were installed in 2001. Contractors recommend resurfacing every 5-8 years due to cracking.

The bill authorizes spending on certain types of infrastructure projects, including support for environmental programs at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and other agencies ranging from air and water quality monitoring to hazardous waste cleanup and the restoration of rivers, wetlands, streams and lakes.

The bill will now be reconciled with a version passed by the State House of Representatives, and the Governor must ultimately decide whether to release the funds from the appropriate executive offices to finance the projects.