Senator Lesser Lauds $365K "Complete Streets" Grant to Springfield to Improve Sidewalks, Bike Lanes

SPRINGFIELD — Senator Eric P. Lesser praised the announcement earlier this month that Springfield would be receiving more than $365,000 in a state grant to make a number of improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. “This is another terrific development in Springfield, particularly for downtown, as MGM prepares to open its doors and welcome thousands of tourists to the City. And it is thanks to the many hardworking officials at the DPW and others who prepared this grant application and identified where these funds were needed most. They are all contributing to a true renaissance in Springfield,” said Senator Eric P. Lesser, Chairman of the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies.

The grant will fund a large number of projects identified by the Complete Streets 5/10/15/20 Year Prioritization Plan. Projects include re-painted crosswalks at 64 locations; installation of detectable warning strips at key intersections; repaired sidewalks to enhance the walkability to schools such as Boland School, Zanetti School, Liberty School, Glenwood School and the Springfield Boys' and Girls’ Club; shared lane markings and bicycle signage in Metro Center/Springfield Transformative Development Initiative District; and city-wide bicycle parking.

The grant will also fund the installation of protected bicycle lanes along Wason Avenue, Chestnut Street, Bradley Road, and Oak Street.


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