Senator Lesser Votes to Authorize Funds for East Longmeadow Police Station Renovations

BOSTON — The Massachusetts State Senate voted on Thursday to authorize up to $3.65 billion in bonds for repairs and improvements to capital facilities across the Commonwealth, including renovations to the East Longmeadow Police Station championed by Senator Eric P. Lesser. “The bond bill is an opportunity to bring attention to local priorities at the State House, and to say, ‘We need the state’s help on this.’ East Longmeadow has long wanted to make renovations to its Police Station, this is a worthy project, and I hope Governor Baker releases the funds to make it happen,” said Senator Eric P. Lesser.

The bond bill authorizes spending on a number of infrastructure improvements throughout the state. The bill will now be reconciled with a version passed by the House of Representatives, and the Governor must ultimately decide whether to release the funds from the appropriate executive offices to finance the projects.


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