Senator Lesser Appointed to Special Committee on Net Neutrality

BOSTON — Senator Eric P. Lesser was appointed to a special committee created by the State Senate on Thursday to develop legislation in response to the Federal Communications Commission's decision to repeal net neutrality rules. Led by Sen. Cynthia Creem, the Special Committee on Net Neutrality and Consumer Protection plans to hold its first hearing on Feb. 6.

“I’m grateful to have a seat on this committee and to help craft our response to the Trump Administration’s dangerous removal of Net Neutrality rules,” said Sen. Lesser. “The Internet has long been an open resource to everyone, and it should remain that way. No company should be able to slow your data speeds on a whim. We must do all we can at the state level to protect users' access to the Internet.”

Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr and Sens. Michael Barrett, Jamie Eldridge, Barbara L'Italien and Patrick O'Connor were also appointed to the special committee. Sen. Tarr will serve as vice chair.

“This committee will identify and address concerns about the repeal of federal net neutrality regulations,” Sen. Creem said in a statement. “We are particularly mindful that the free flow of information is fundamental to a 21st century competitive marketplace and to a vibrant democracy.”


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