Senator Lesser Named Vice Chair of Transportation Committee

BOSTON — On Wednesday Senate President Harriette L. Chandler named Senator Eric P. Lesser Vice Chair and Senator Joseph A. Boncore the new Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation, saying they “will bring strong  leadership” to the committee. Former Senator Tom McGee, the previous Senate Chair, held the post until he resigned his seat upon winning election to be the Mayor of Lynn. Senator Boncore had served as Vice Chair.

Senator Lesser has served on the Joint Committee on Transportation since joining the Senate in 2015 and has been a leading voice in advocating for the Commonwealth’s transportation infrastructure.

“I am grateful to President Chandler and my colleagues for putting their trust in me, and I look forward to working alongside Chairman Boncore on an issue that I know is a top priority for his constituents, as well as for mine, and for the entire Commonwealth. Having a high-quality, reliable transportation network is about more than making sure the trains run on time. Our transit system should serve the public’s needs, and this ultimately means ensuring equal access to opportunities and connecting our communities across the Commonwealth,” said Senator Lesser.

Senator Lesser is a long-time advocate for high-speed rail connecting Boston to Springfield. He has also introduced legislation to enable regional ballot initiatives so that communities can raise revenue for transportation improvements, and has written bills to safely integrate autonomous vehicles onto our streets and bring ride-sharing companies into accordance with state law.

Senator Lesser currently serves as Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies and as the Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Financial Services. He is also a member of the Joint Committees on Elder Affairs, Health Care Financing, High Education and Veterans and Federal Affairs.

“The need for effective and efficient transportation intersects with the need for affordable housing, economic opportunity and social justice,” said Senate President Harriette Chandler. “Our transit systems are the central arteries connecting our Commonwealth’s cities and towns to each other. Senator Boncore and Senator Lesser will bring strong leadership to the challenges we face at a time when transportation is a paramount issue on Beacon Hill and in the minds of everyday commuters.”

As Vice Chair, Senator Boncore took a lead on issues related to MBTA privatization and transit-oriented housing development in Greater Boston.

“I want to thank President Chandler and my colleagues for entrusting me with one of the state’s top fiscal and policy priorities,” said Senator Boncore.  “The Commonwealth’s transportation system is the driver that ensures our economic success. Whether by road, rail or water, our infrastructure connects us to jobs, homes, schools and goods, ensuring continued growth. Still, Massachusetts requires a new revenue mechanism to make necessary investments in our infrastructure to secure a statewide vision for a modern transportation system.”


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