Senator Lesser, Rep. Ashe Meet with Longmeadow Select Board and School Committee

LONGMEADOW — On Tuesday, Senator Eric P. Lesser and Rep. Brian M. Ashe met with Longmeadow’s Select Board and School Committee in a joint meeting to keep them apprised of their work on Beacon Hill and find out how they can further assist the Town of Longmeadow. The discussion focused on ways for the town to diversify its revenue streams, including the potential offered by Sen. Lesser’s bill, S. 1551, allowing towns to join together to pass regional ballot initiatives that could raise funds and share costs for transportation projects.

Officials also discussed the ongoing dilemma of crumbling concrete in some area homeowners’ foundations, and how the state and local officials can work together to remedy the problem.

“These meetings with local officials are very helpful in setting local priorities and carrying them forward to my work in the State Senate. I am grateful to the Longmeadow Select Board and School Committee for taking the time to meet with me and discuss the important issues Longmeadow is facing. I look forward to continuing our work together on behalf of the residents of Longmeadow,” said Sen. Lesser, Chairman of the Economic Development and Emerging Technologies Committee.

“As a Longmeadow resident for the past 25 years and being a former member of the Longmeadow Select Board, this meeting was both personal and professional for me. I would like to thank all in attendance for their commitment and thoughtful questions and comments. Although we have some challenges ahead of us, Longmeadow remains an ideal place to raise a family,” said Rep. Ashe.

The meeting was part of Sen. Lesser’s regular meetings with local leaders of the nine communities he represents to keep them apprised of his work in the State Senate and find out how he can further assist these communities.


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