Senator Lesser Votes to Protect Statewide Contraceptive Health Insurance Coverage

BOSTON — Today the State Senate passed a measure which would require MassHealth, commercial health insurers and nonprofit healthcare providers and maintenance organizations to provide coverage for female contraceptives without a copay. This action comes as the Trump Administration seeks to roll back protections in the Affordable Care Act, which guaranteed female contraceptive coverage.

State Senator Eric P. Lesser, who previously worked in the White House as an aide to President Barack Obama when the Affordable Care Act passed, was a co-sponsor of the bill.

“This was a key provision of the Affordable Care Act that advanced equal treatment of men and women in our healthcare system. Guaranteeing contraceptive coverage for women is vitally important to women’s health. It is especially important that Massachusetts take a clear stand to protect this coverage as President Trump and his allies in Congress continue to try to strip these protections away,” said Senator Lesser.

Like the federal contraceptive coverage guarantee, this state version permits employers that are churches or church-controlled organizations to decline coverage for contraceptives in accordance with their faith traditions.

The provision passed in the Senate in a standing vote and passed the State House of Representatives in a bipartisan vote earlier this month. It now moves to Governor Charlie Baker’s desk for his signature into law.


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