Senator Lesser, Town Officials Applaud Longmeadow Clean Energy Grant

LONGMEADOW — On Friday, Senator Eric P. Lesser welcomed the announcement that the town of Longmeadow had been awarded $13,750 in Municipal Energy Technical Assistance (META) grants. “I am thrilled that our community has received this grant, which will help reduce energy costs by updating waste management systems and investing in more efficient energy sources. As we know, clean energy is not just good for the environment, but also for taxpayers’ wallets. This is a win-win situation for Longmeadow,” said Sen. Lesser.

“We are thrilled that Longmeadow has received this META Grant.  As we aim to make our town more energy efficient, this grant, as well as our continued commitment for our future, will help to further our goals,” said Representative Brian M. Ashe.

“I feel this grant is needed to get things moving in terms of developing more efficient and cost saving energy-generating agreements. Many town buildings are suitable for green energy projects,” said Longmeadow Select Board Chairman Tom Lachiusa.

“The Town is pleased to receive this grant that will fund an evaluation of Town-owned buildings and land for the installation of solar panels. In accordance with the Longmeadow Energy Reduction Plan, an expert in the siting and installation of solar arrays will help us determine what Town assets are viable. The long term benefits of this effort cannot be overstated,” said Longmeadow Town Manager Stephen Crane.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources awards META grants each year to better inform designated “Green Communities” decision-making. The grants are awarded to cities and towns, regional school districts, and wastewater districts to help manage sustainability projects or improve the performance of studies to support the development of clean energy projects.


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