Senator Lesser Votes to Pass Bill Detailing the Sale and Taxation of Marijuana in Massachusetts

SPRINGFIELD — On Thursday, Senator Eric P. Lesser voted to pass a compromise bill that specifies how marijuana can be sold and how those sales will be taxed in Massachusetts. The bill is the result of negotiations between the House and Senate, following voters’ approval of Question 4 to legalize the use and sale of marijuana. After the vote, Sen. Lesser issued the following statement: “The War on Drugs has damaged our communities, ruined lives and cost our state tens of billions of dollars. Today, Massachusetts took a historic step in addressing this failed policy.

“At the same time, we have kept our sights set on the dangerous opioid crisis ravaging our communities, and acted to confront it. The bill we passed to govern marijuana sales ensures that a share of the revenue from those sales will be spent on efforts to combat the opioid epidemic. With targeted investments like this, we can arrest the spread of highly addictive and dangerous drugs while treating those who have been harmed by addiction.

“I am also proud to say that, with this bill, the Massachusetts Senate has listened to the voters and respected their decision on Question 4 to legalize the use and sale of marijuana in Massachusetts. Working together, we have implemented the will of the voters responsibly and in line with their wishes.”