Lesser Amendment to Reevaluate Distribution of State Aid to Cities and Towns Passes Senate

BOSTON — On Tuesday night, the state Senate voted to approve an amendment originally proposed by Senator Eric P. Lesser to reevaluate the way state funds are disbursed to cities and towns. The amendment establishes a commission to study the formula for distribution of general state aid to cities and towns. This commission will review cities’ and towns’ revenue streams and determine whether or not a fairer formula for disbursing state aid to these communities exists, in order to better serve those municipalities most in need of funds.

“Given the funding gaps in many of our cities and towns, I believe it is possible to find a more equitable formula for disbursing state aid to these communities. Our Gateway Cities in particular are often struggling communities that have far greater budget needs than other cities across our Commonwealth,” said Sen. Lesser.

The amendment will be included in the Senate version of the budget, which will be negotiated with House members before a final budget proposal is sent to the governor's desk.