Senator Lesser Calls on Constituents to Apply for the Massachusetts Medal of Liberty Award

Award given to next-of-kin of servicemen and women who were killed in action, died in service or died as a result of injuries sustained in action

SPRINGFIELD — Senator Eric P. Lesser has invited constituents to apply for the Massachusetts Medal of Liberty award, a military decoration created by the state legislature in 2009. Since its creation, the award has been presented to 145 families of military members who died in service to the United States of America.

According to statute, the Medal of Liberty is awarded to the next-of-kin of servicemen and servicewomen from the Commonwealth who were killed in action or who died in service while in a designated combat area in the line of duty or who died as a result of wounds received in action.

The National Guard is charged with identifying recipients and making recommendations to the Governor for the awarding of the Medal of Liberty.  According to information obtained from the Federal Veterans Administration and the Department of Veterans Services, more than 10,000 Massachusetts citizens have made the ultimate sacrifice in conflicts including WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

“It is not only our men and women in uniform who volunteer to serve, but their families, too. The Medal of Liberty honors their sacrifice for sharing their loved one with us,” said Senator Lesser, who serves on the Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs. “Each time my father left for a tour of duty in Iraq, we knew he might not come back. I understand what military families go through as they wait for their loved ones to come back home. This award gives those who have given the ultimate sacrifice some much-deserved recognition for their own service.”

Senator Lesser’s father currently serves as a doctor in the Army National Guard.

To learn more about the Medal of Liberty and to submit an application to the National Guard for review, please visit or contact your local Veterans’ Services Officer.