Senator Lesser Lauds Passage of Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

BOSTON — Following the Massachusetts House of Representatives vote to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, State Senator Eric P. Lesser issued the following statement: “Today is a proud day for Massachusetts and for our representatives who have been advocates of common-sense policy to protect the jobs of pregnant workers who show up to do their work. The last thing we should do is penalize women who are trying to both raise a healthy family and get to work to support that family.

“Pregnant workers should be able to request reasonable accommodations, such as a stool to sit on or time off for a medical appointment, without fear of losing their jobs. That's why I cosponsored the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, and why I will work to make sure it becomes law in Massachusetts. Thirteen states have already passed these workplace protections for pregnant workers, and there is no reason Massachusetts should be behind on this issue.

“I am grateful for my colleague Sen. Joan Lovely, who introduced the Senate version of this bill, for her work on this issue over many years. And I congratulate former Representative Ellen Story, who was a long-time champion of this important issue in her time in the Massachusetts House. They share this accomplishment with countless advocates, including the great team at MotherWoman in Hadley. I look forward to doing my part to pass this in the Senate and send it to the Governor’s desk for his signature.”