Senator Lesser Meets with Belchertown Select Board

BELCHERTOWN — Senator Eric P. Lesser attended Monday’s Belchertown Select Board meeting to update town officials on his work in the State Senate and hear Board members’ concerns and counsel. Their wide-ranging discussion covered transportation, housing, environmental management and development at the Patrick Center and Lampson Brook properties, among other topics.

“These meetings with local officials are very helpful in setting local priorities and carrying them forward to my work in the State Senate. I am grateful to the Belchertown Select Board for taking the time to meet with me and discuss the important issues Belchertown is facing. I look forward to continuing our work together on behalf of the residents of Belchertown,” Lesser said.

Lesser and the Select Board also discussed the Rattlesnake Review Working Group, which is deliberating over the sites chosen by state wildlife officials to repopulate timber rattlesnakes in the state. Sites under review include Mount Zion in the Quabbin Reservoir. The working group is expected to make its recommendation to the seven-person Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife board by May.

Select Board members voiced their frustration that the public has not been able to offer input in this process. At a March 1 meeting of the working group, the public was allowed to attend but not to speak.

“Our hope is that this process will continue as transparently as possible and we would like to see the public be able to comment before the working group makes its recommendation,” Lesser said.

Lesser’s meeting with the Select Board was part of his regular meetings with local leaders of the nine communities he represents to keep them apprised of his work in the State Senate and find out how he can further assist these communities.


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