Senator Lesser Urges President Trump to Invest in High-Speed Rail

Lesser: “Mr. President, prove to the people of Western Massachusetts that you meant what you said on the campaign trail.”

BOSTON — After it was reported that an expansion of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Green Line made President Donald J. Trump’s list of priority infrastructure projects, Senator Eric P. Lesser sent a letter to the White House urging the President to include a high-speed rail line between Springfield and Boston on his list, too.

“Upgrading our existing tracks to accommodate high-speed rail, and building the trains to travel them, would create thousands of high-paying manufacturing jobs across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts — the very jobs you promised on the campaign trail you would bring back to the United States,” Lesser’s letter reads, in part.

In the letter, Lesser points to the fact that bringing back manufacturing jobs was a core tenet of Trump’s campaign for president, and notes that “Western Massachusetts is a region which has a lot in common with the regions of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin that delivered [Trump’s] victory.”

Lesser’s letter also describes the rich manufacturing history of Western Massachusetts — including the former Milton Bradley plant in East Longmeadow, which Trump visited in 1989.

“He talks about how much of a builder he is. Here's a great thing to build. Something that would transform not only our state but all of Western New England. It would put to work the very people he claims to speak for,” Lesser said.

Lesser has reintroduced a bill to pass a feasibility study of east-west rail in the Massachusetts State Senate after the same bill passed the legislature but was vetoed by Governor Charlie Baker last year.

Read Senator Lesser's below:


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