Senator Lesser Announces Funding for New Dr. Seuss Museum

Senator Eric P. Lesser was joined by President of the Springfield Museums, Kay Simpson, Senator James Welch, Representative Carlos Gonzalez, and Mayor Domenic Sarno to announce a $200,000 legislative appropriation for the completion of a bilingual literacy exhibit at the new Dr. Seuss Museum. Senator Lesser sponsored the funding in the FY’17 budget.

The event also included members of the Springfield Museums’ Board of Directors and Greg Liakos, Communications Director for the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

“This funding will allow even more people to enjoy and learn from this iconic new museum, magnifying the Dr. Seuss Museum’s impact both as an educational center, and a region-wide driver of tourism and economic development,” Senator Lesser said. “This bilingual exhibit will make the museums even more accessible and connect future generations of children to one of our city’s most famous residents.”

Senator Lesser is the chairman of the Joint Legislative Committee on Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development. In this role, Senator Lesser has been a champion of the arts and culture; he has worked to secure increases in funding for the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which provides grant funding for several arts organizations throughout Springfield, including the Community School of Music, the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, and the Springfield Museums.

Photos: Senator Lesser can be seen with Senator James Welch, Representative Carlos Gonzalez, Mayor Domenic Sarno, and Greg Liakos of the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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