Senator Lesser Votes for Civic Education for Youth

BOSTON- Senator Lesser voted for the S.2253, An Act to involve youth in civic engagement, which requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to develop model curricula to teach students about civics and establishes an advisory committee of young people to review the curriculum. “A healthy democracy needs citizens to be well-informed and engaged,” said Senator Lesser. “Improving civic education in our public schools will ensure young people have the knowledge and understanding of government, history and the electoral process necessary to be engaged and empowered citizens.”

The bill requires that the model curriculum cover the function and composition of the branches of local, state, and federal government, the history of social movements, current events, and community-based action and service-learning projects. The model curriculum will include an experiential or practical unit, which can include a weekend program, a model United Nations, or other such program promoting civic engagement, and it will conclude with a voter registration drive.

Senator Lesser is co-chair of the Massachusetts Senate’s Millennial Engagement Initiative, which aims to better connect State Government with the interests of young people, and is currently the youngest member of the State Senate.

The bill now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.