Representative Petrolati, Sen. Lesser Ensure Patrick Center Property Passed on to Belchertown

BELCHERTOWN - The Town of Belchertown will now own the John Patrick Center property located at 47 State Street. Senator Lesser was the lead co-sponsor of a bill filed by Representative Thomas Petrolati, which passed both branches of the legislature last week, ensuring that the Patrick Center and surrounding 5 acres of land were transferred from state control to the town of Belchertown. The Patrick Center property sits amongst schools and fields, including Mini-Fenway. “Transferring this property from state control to town control ensures local residents have a greater say in the future of this important piece of land,” said Senator Lesser, “Our community will be able to tear down unused, dilapidated buildings and use this property for purposes that will improve the lives of our residents. I’m glad that Representative Petrolati and I were able to facilitate this transfer.”

Representative Petrolati remarked, “I am extremely pleased that Gov. Baker will sign this legislation into law, which will allow the Town of Belchertown to continue its economic development of the former Belchertown State School Property.  I have been working for many years and I have witnessed the significant impact and development these projects have had, whether directly or indirectly for every citizen of Belchertown.”

The property, which is currently owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, was scheduled to be sold at auction by the Department of Capital and Asset Management and Maintenance in December of 2015. Prior to the auction, the Town of Belchertown expressed interest in purchasing the property given its location between several municipally owned buildings, parks, schools and the Senior Center. Representative Petrolati and Senator Lesser intervened on behalf of the town by filing legislation that would allow the property to be used for public purpose. Now that the bill has passed both chambers, the town will be able to purchase the property as soon as Governor Baker signs the bill into law.

Governor Baker is expected to sign the bill this week.