Senator Lesser Votes to Ease Senior Citizens' Property Tax Burden

BOSTON – Senator Eric P. Lesser voted to pass S. 1494, An Act increasing the property tax deferral for seniors. This legislation would offer property tax relief to homeowners age 65 or older by increasing the local option cap on income to $80,000 per year. If this local option is adopted by a city or town, seniors can defer paying all or a portion of their property taxes until their home is sold or conveyed.  

Seniors who wish to remain in their homes are struggling to pay rising property taxes while living on fixed incomes. Those who own their homes often have difficulties making ends meet as the years go by and their fixed income loses its buying power.


“Many of our seniors are struggling to stay in the homes where they raised their families,” said Senator Lesser. “A property tax bill can be the biggest expense of the year. Increasing the income cap allows more seniors to participate in the property tax deferral program, granting much needed relief and allowing seniors to stay in their homes longer.”


The Senate’s bill also includes a provision sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) allowing seniors to earn additional property tax relief by participating in community volunteer work.


The bill was unanimously passed with a 35-0 vote and now moves to the House of Representatives for their consideration.