Sen. Eric Lesser Votes with Senate to Pass Bill Funding Statewide Road and Bridge Projects

Sen. Eric P. Lesser voted with the Senate today to allocate a total of $200 million for annual road and bridge repair projects in Massachusetts, including $702,764 for the Town of Ludlow. “Our cities and towns rely on this money to pave roads, fix sidewalks and complete other projects that their own local budgets can’t support,” Senator Lesser said.  “Poorly maintained roads and bridges are not only a threat to public safety--they also cost the average driver $478 per year in wear-and-tear and repair costs.”

“These funds will go a long way in helping cities and towns pay for road and bridge repairs,” Sen. Lesser said. “However, for many communities it may not still be enough. I’m working hard to ensure cities and towns receive the local aid they need to fund these vital repair projects.”

The Chapter 90 program was enacted in 1973 and allows cities and towns to receive state reimbursement for various local road, bridge and infrastructure repair projects.

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