Sen. Eric Lesser Nominates Wilbraham Resident for Citizens’ Legislative Seminar

Sen. Eric P. Lesser nominated Wilbraham resident and retired Police Sergeant Glen Clark to participate in the 76th Annual Citizens’ Legislative Seminar, held this week at the State House. “This seminar is a great opportunity for Massachusetts residents to see firsthand how our state government works,” Sen. Lesser said. “I’m proud to have nominated Sgt. Clark, who has set an example of how to be an active contributor to our community and has pledged to take all he’s learned at this week’s seminar to motivate others to become more involved in local and state government.”

Established in 1976 through a collaborative effort of the Massachusetts Senate and the University of Massachusetts, the seminar features presentations by Senators and staff on aspects of the day-to-day experience of legislators in the Commonwealth.

Seminar activities included an overview of the history and process of the legislature, along with discussion on how to make one’s voice heard in the legislative process.

The two-day seminar culminated with a simulated legislative hearing and Senate session in which participants were invited to have a first-hand experience of the legislative process.

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