Sen. Eric Lesser’s Amendment Making Financial Aid Information Available by Mobile Device Passes in Senate

A bill passed by the Senate this week included an amendment filed by Senator Eric P. Lesser, which requires higher education institutions to help make financial aid and scholarship information available via mobile devices. The bill, An Act relative to uniform financial aid, requires all higher education institutions to provide a uniform “shopping sheet” of financial aid information to students before they enroll, allowing easier comparison of financial aid options between institutions.

“We know that student debt and college affordability is a growing burden,” Sen. Lesser said. “The purpose of this bill is to give parents and students a clear menu of the different options available to them, whether from scholarships, loans or other sources.”

“I’m glad the Senate also passed my amendment to this bill, which makes this financial aid information available via mobile device, to ensure ease of access to prospective students and their families,” he added.

A recent Pew Research survey of millennials found that 7 in 10 respondents used their phone to do online banking or to look up information about a job, indicating a high reliance on mobile devices to receive crucial information.

“The best way to ensure prospective college students have all the tools they need to make responsible financial decisions is to put that information where it’s most useful to them,” Sen. Lesser said.

Sen. Lesser is the co-chair of the Senate’s Millennial Engagement Initiative, which aims to encourage more millennials to become involved in politics and government, and to gain their input in the legislative process.

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