Sen. Lesser signs letter supporting gender pay equity bill

Senator Lesser has signed a letter supporting “An act to establish pay equity," introduced as S.983 and H.1733, to ensure that women are paid the same as men for comparable work. Specifically, the bill:

  • prohibits companies from maintaining wage confidentiality policies or disciplining employees for discussing their salaries
  • lengthen the time an employee has to bring a pay discrimination suit from one to three years and allow for the awarding of attorneys' fees
  • clarify that analysis of "comparable" work must be based on skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions
  • allow an employer to defend itself against gender discrimination claims if the company conducts a self-evaluation of workplace job classifications and wage rates.
  • require companies to post a minimum salary in job ads and pay any hire at least that amount and would make it illegal for an employer to use salary history in hiring.

An electronic version of the letter is available at the below link:

Sen. Lesser Equal Pay Letter